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 Seraphiel - Euphory Amplified EP now released! 
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MessageSubject : Seraphiel - Euphory Amplified EP now released!   Post hour :Wed, Dec 7, 11 - 17:45


We've just finished and released our EP called "Euphory Amplified" !

We play some sort of melodic metal spiced up with power, progressive and even modern death metal.
The band has been formed in 2006 and the present line-up was finalised in the beginning of this year.
People in this band also play in bands such as Tracedawn, Medicated and uniQarma.

There's a guitar solo feature by Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun) on the second track "In Vain".

Check out our website at !

Listen to our tracks, tell me whatcha like, like us on Facebook and spread our music 'round the world!

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