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 Madval Rockatansky debut EP "The Cursed Tools" out now on S.M. netlabel 
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MessageSubject : Madval Rockatansky debut EP "The Cursed Tools" out now on S.M. netlabel   Post hour :Tue, Dec 6, 11 - 01:00

Debut EP of Madval Rockatansky "The Cursed Tools" out now on Structures Métalliques netlabel, on paying download only (MP3, FLAC, M4A aacplus & apple lossless audio files).
5 instrumental songs of melodic Heavy, Speed, & Thrash-Metal with "kick ass" riffs and solos. Composed, executed and produced by the maestro Madval himself.

Order it now on F.H. Store: click here

Free extracts on Madval's official SoundCloud: click here


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