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 Brudywr "Coven" (2011) single 
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MessageSubject : Brudywr "Coven" (2011) single   Post hour :Tue, Nov 29, 11 - 00:52

Brudywr, a black-metal project from Irkutsk, Russia has recently published his new single "Coven" on
There’s as usual a dozen and a half minutes of old-school black metal.
Everyone is invited to check it out by the following link: Brudywr "Coven"

1. Coven
2. Neutrality
3. Rise Of The heathen

Any comments and criticisms are welcome

Contacts for additional info:
facebook: Brudywr на facebook
myspace: Brudywr на myspace
jamendo: Brudywr на

All the best,

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