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MessageSubject : HALIAETUM RECORDS   Post hour :Tue, Nov 22, 11 - 15:26

Hello maniacs,

I would like to introduce you into Haliaetum Records; A Slovenian extreme metal label focused on mainly releasing albums and other media focused on old school metal attitude only. So far we had the pleasure to host on our label some of the most noted Slovenian artist such Sarcasm, Bleeding Fist, Vigilance, Turbo, Nephrolith, Thraw and also had the opportunity to work with some international artists such Impiety etc.

Beside releasing killer albums:) we focus on promotion and booking activities too so every year we organize a two days long manifestation of metal music entitled Haliaetum Open Air.

More about our releases can be found at

Our latest releases:

VIGILANCE - STEEDS OF TIME | Old School Speed Heavy Metal


IMPIETY - Tormentos of Nagoya | Black Metal

SARCASM - Crematory | Thrash Metal

THRAW - 3D Bondage | Thrash Metal

TURBO - Beginning | Speed Metal

LENE KOSTI - DEMO 1985 - 1987 | Heavy Metal

Well feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our releases or for other information.

with respect,

Haliaetum Records | The Home of Old School Metal Fanaticism

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