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 My Own Fear - Death/Thrash 
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My Own Fear
Offender (Stand-alone)

Join date : Oct 27, 11
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Location : Paris, FR

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MessageSubject : My Own Fear - Death/Thrash   Post hour :Fri, Oct 28, 11 - 07:09

Hi Dudes, :black2

We are My Own Fear, a Death/Thrash band from Paris / France. :black3

The Band was created in 2006, and we have a lot of influences from Death to Kreator, and different bands like Deicide, Suffocation.

:death3 If you searching for Kick ass, violent, technical, aggressiv and very energical music … hey ! you found it.

You wanna a litle taste ? Check that  :

See ya' :black1

We are My Own Fear and we're gonna metal up your ass!
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