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 GONE IN APRIL soon to release "We Are But Human" 
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MessageSubject : GONE IN APRIL soon to release "We Are But Human"   Post hour :Sun, Sep 18, 11 - 20:52

GONE IN APRIL has completed mixing and mastering of their album entitled "We Are But Human".

During a period of over 2 years of composition and recording, the team of musicians, comprising of Canadian drummer Yanic Bercier, Canadian vocalist/violist/violinist Julie Bélanger Roy, German guitarist/vocalist Felix Shoemaker and Italian bassist Chicco Parisi Lalonde, put their heads together to complete the material for the band's fi...rst album.

Their diverse backgrounds in music, from many years of classical to many years of metal, lead to a powerful mix of female vocals with classical viola/violin, along with melodic guitars, groovy bass and technical drumming. The debut also features guest guitarists Gabriele Pala (Azure Agony) and Pier Gonella (Labyrinth). The album was engineered and mixed by Yanic Bercier at WaveTransform Studios, Knoxville, TN and mastered by Tom Morris at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL.

The release is scheduled for fall 2011.

Check out 3 audio tracks on
and the album teaser!

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