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 MLEKRA - Ukrainian Black Metal 
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MessageSubject : MLEKRA - Ukrainian Black Metal   Post hour :Mon, Sep 12, 11 - 09:39

The band was formed in winter of 2000 by Maxul and Satarnael. Originally the project was known as "Saturnalia". In 2001 under this name was recorded demo "Из Глубин просторов". But "Saturnalia" didn't attain other results because of disagreements. In 2006 Impervo joined the band as guitarist and in 2009-2010 the band recorded their first album. Then band was renamed "Mlekra" and disbanded. Now "Mlekra" is a project of Maxul and Impervo. The band uses the services of session musicians

Impervo - Guitars,Vocals;
Maxul - Drums

2001 - "Из Глубин Просторов"
2010 - "Mlekra"(preview from youtube)

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