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 Tulzscha - Technical Death Metal from Karlsruhe (Germany) 
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MessageSubject : Tulzscha - Technical Death Metal from Karlsruhe (Germany)   Post hour :Sun, Sep 4, 11 - 18:14


(We are sorry for this old picture, we are working on some new ones :-))

we would like to introduce ourselfs to you as an ambitious new band called "Tulzscha". We are five guys aged 22 to 24 located in the Rastatt / Karlsruhe area and our primary goal since we started our band is to create and deliver authentic and honest Technical Death Metal without compromises. We took our name out of the Cthulhu universe which was created by H.P. Lovecraft.
Since our foundation, we have played some gigs, but most of the time we have spent in our rehearsal room to work on our songs. Finally, in may 2011 we went to a studio to record our first 3-track demo CD which you can listen to or download on our official websites (see below). If you like to buy the CD please contact us (Contact: see below)

We would love to get your feeback after reviewing our demo and we especially looking forward to some Gig offers.

Stay brutal !




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