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 "Spawn Of Evil" - Pure Death metal from Israel (Discography for D/L) 
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Spawn Of Evil
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MessageSubject : "Spawn Of Evil" - Pure Death metal from Israel (Discography for D/L)   Post hour :Thu, Aug 18, 11 - 04:41

Good Morning/noon/evening/night! :)
I'm Miko - Guitar player of the Death metal band "Spawn Of Evil".
We are from Israel = no money from Music but we all working in Hi-tech companies.... zzzz
But due to our regular jobs we have our economic freedom to record our music & release it for free! :black3
I just finished few days ago to collect all our music & upload it in good MP3 quality files (25 tracks!).
Also we have a new song there that comes fresh from the studio but it's cover to a rock star in Israel - so it's in Hebrew :rire1

All our music in here - we hope that you will enjoy it! :head3

We have some Videos in Youtube and some streaming from Myspace/Facebook but we prefer to give it for download because that the sound compressors in the streaming sites are really bad & we invest time & money to made those recordings (even that we give it away for free download) so we want that the listener get all the sound spectrum.

Links for Youtube streams:

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MessageSubject : Re : "Spawn Of Evil" - Pure Death metal from Israel (Discography for D/L)   Post hour :Thu, Aug 18, 11 - 15:03

ahahahaha you guys sound kewl! keep up the good work .. SECRET: Click on that download link and you'll get the Direct download without any countdown ;) thanks again! :death3 + Metal = Love


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