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 Brudywr "Withering" has been released 
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MessageSubject : Brudywr "Withering" has been released   Post hour :Tue, Jun 28, 11 - 00:15

The Brudywr, the black/death/doom metal project from Irkutsk, Russia is proud to announce that it has recently published its new album - “Withering” on This is about an hour of old school black metal. You are very welcome to check it out on

1. Withering
2. Red Moon Light
3. Midnight Prowler
4. Winter
5. Burn the Sunrise
6. Calming The lost Souls
7. Return Of The Overlord
8. No Love For The Wicked
9. Raising From The Dead
10. Funeral Feast
11. Darkness Rising
12. Swamp Of Souls
13. Green Mound
14. The Last Dawn

Hope you'll like it.

You can check out even more of Brudywr on the following links:


All the best, :black1

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