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 Insistence (metalcore from Turkey) 
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MessageSubject : Insistence (metalcore from Turkey)   Post hour :Fri, Jun 10, 11 - 13:54


Insistence has been founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2006. Through this path, took his first steps on metal scene with their demos called DRAIN in 2006 and MIND HEALING in 2007. Right after these demos, the process of the album got started. The album called COEXISTENCE KEY whose production process was finalized in 2008, met the audience not before 2009. Consistence Key has been awarded as the best album of the year by Blue Jean music magazine with a history of 20 years in Turkey. In addition, Insistence has been awarded as the best music band in the same concept. Insistence has achieved the success of being on the same lines on various posters with many outstanding names of metal. These names include OPETH,TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, CALIBAN, EXODUS, HATESPHERE, KATATONIA and many others. In Turkeys biggest metal portal metaltr.nets Best of 2009 poll, Insistence took the titles : Best Band Act, Best Album, Best Flashing Act, Best Myspace Page Layout.Also,In Turkeys best music magazine Blue Jean/Headbangs Best of 2009 poll, Insistence has been elected as Best Band and Coexistence Key as Best Album .From 2011 and on, Insistence has speeded up his practices through turning into a global musical movement rather than a local music band. Now pay attention to this insistant metal tone.

Insistence - Coexistence Key(2009) first album free download link;!download|921tl|394753636|Coexistence_Key.rar|60858|R~419F417EA5E6FE02CF78EAEE629A9F9A

Insistence's web pages;





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