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 Bleed (math metal, Ukraine) 
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MessageSubject : Bleed (math metal, Ukraine)   Post hour :Thu, Jun 2, 11 - 09:03

The story of “Bleed” had started 1 october 2009, when at their first rehearsal four guys understood their similar music tastes in heavy music. They’ve started to play progressive metal (so called polyrithmic or math metal) influenced by bands as Meshuggah , Textures, Tesseract etc. After few months of rehearsals Bleed performed at support on few gigs with Onslaught and later with Dying Fetus, Meshuggah and Cradle Of Filth.
Now Bleed prepare to release their first EP called “Watch The World Burn” recorded at Blacklight Studio in Kiev. Release will contain first, more simple songs, which is more like result of searching it’s own face and sound. Anyway it will be the first release of such genre in Ukraine. Now guys are working actively for new songs and prepare for new gigs.

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