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 Greetings from Poland!!! 
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Devil's Note
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MessageSubject : Greetings from Poland!!!   Post hour :Tue, May 17, 11 - 16:40

My name is Martin. I play in a band called Devil's Note. You can get some information about it here:

I play guitar for abour 10years now. The guitar I use for the most time is a custom Mayones Setius GTM 6. It's a Polish guitar - check it out on their website. I listen to metal for ....... (I don't remember) years :P My favourite bands are ........ (there's too many) but I can say Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Lost Soul, Meshuggah, Vader and all that kind of stuff. Sorry for my english but I'm trying :P

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MessageSubject : Re : Greetings from Poland!!!   Post hour :Thu, May 19, 11 - 15:44

Cześć Martin! Mówię po polsku, ale tylko troche... so I'll go back to English :p

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