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 Lemuria (Symphonic Black Metal from Belgium) 
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Lemuria (BE)
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MessageSubject : Lemuria (Symphonic Black Metal from Belgium)   Post hour :Sat, Apr 30, 11 - 07:04

Hello there and greetings from Belgium!

Let me first introduce ourselves: we are Lemuria from Belgium and have just released a new album "Chanson de la Croisade".
This is our second full album, so please check us out! Especially fans of Turisas, Hollenthon, Dimmu Borgir and the likes will get a kick out of this.

Our brand new concept album ‘Chanson de la Croisade’ tells a tale of conflict, tragedy and religious strife. Running for over an hour in total, the album takes the listener on a journey trough medieval France, during the age of the crusades. The lyrics and story are interweaved in the 28-page booklet and the whole is presented in the form of an attractive digipack. Recorded at Midas and Red Left Hand studios and mastered by Peter in de Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Septic Flesh), with cover art by the acclaimed Flemish artist Kris Verwimp. Mixing heavy music with orchestral, bombastic scores and daring instrumental and symphonic parts, ‘Chanson de la Croisade’ carves a niche previously untouched by any Belgian band.

You can check out our tunes on these websites:

Track listing:

1. Occitania Anno 1209
2. The Cross and the Crusade
3. The Slaughter of Innocence
4. Carchachouna
5. Death & Submission (Requiem Aeternam)
6. A Coming Storm
7. Fields of Toulouse
8. The End of a Reign
9. The Conflict of Toulouse
10. Court Music
11. Crusher of Souls
12. Als Catars

Order online: (physical CD's and T-shirts!)

Some reviews:
My southern neighbours have made a very competitive epic atmospheric sounding symphonic black metal album. 80%
Lemuria have created quite a gem here with Chanson de la Croisade, and I'm going to predict big things for this band from Belgium in the near future. 4,5/5
LEMURIA have begun a new era with a new line-up, a new album, a (small?) change in style. And how! Joining all forces to create nothing less than a true masterpiece. [...] In short: "Chanson De La Croisade" is an album you simply MUST have in your collection.
This one needs to be experienced, really. Even then, when you loathe any band(s) mentioned in this review. Believe me, Lemuria make it work, big time! 'Chanson de la Croisade' is a classic in the making. 8,5/10
All in all, this album turns out to be one of my favourites of 2010. Due to the melodies, dynamic songstructures, the importance of the keyboards and the combination of story with music a comparison with Bal-Sagoth is justified. None of the songs bores, even the longer ones because of the changes they have. Lovers of epic keyboard oriented, solid metal music definitely should check out Lemuria. 95%
[...] so needless to say that Lemuria made an album that gave me many a goosebumps and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. This is definitely a must-have for fans of filmic, dreamy and surprisingly mature symphonic blackmetal [...] 98%

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MessageSubject : Re : Lemuria (Symphonic Black Metal from Belgium)   Post hour :Wed, Jul 25, 12 - 19:45

Shit I don't understand but I hope I can speak here, and I ask me if I like or not like this band ?

The Cross And The Crusade tiré du last album "Chanson de la Croisade"

Je n'ai pas trouvé d'autres topic pour ce groupe et j'avais très envie de poster une petite chanson.

La mort est une journée qui mérite d'être vécue !

Maintenant nous sommes libres, et nous nous reverrons. Mais pas encore, pas encore.
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