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 The Dark Lord has come \m/ 
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MessageSubject : The Dark Lord has come \m/   Post hour :Mon, Mar 14, 11 - 03:14

Heya guys,

My name is Matt Seddon or THE DARK LORD. I am currently one of the youngest journalists in the world only being 14. I come from Manchester in England. I thank you guys for making me apart of the team and I hope to get as many reviews out as possible.

Some of my favourite bands include: Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Burzum, Cannibal Corpse, Sabaton, Alestorm, Avantasia, Sonata Arctica and Disturbed.

So thats a bit about me.

Stay Metal :black3


Metal is everything to me. I live, breath and eat metal m/
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