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 Metal in Texas! 
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Nightmares Radio
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MessageSubject : Metal in Texas!   Post hour :Thu, Feb 24, 11 - 16:34

Wassup Metalheads, I'm Leanna also know as Sensi (as in sensimillia not sensie). I looooove metal esp death - brutal, melodic, progressive, whichever way it comes. I also own and manage an online radio station for independent metal so I totally support local music - even if it's not local to me.

Anyways, I love the site. It's awesome!

Metal Kulture Radio is currently playing the most metal on the Internet. We feature Independent and Unsigned bands daily/weekly/monthly!
level 6Darren Cowan
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MessageSubject : Re : Metal in Texas!   Post hour :Thu, Feb 24, 11 - 18:59

Texas metal reigns!

Posers, Walk the Plank!
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