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 Brutally Deceased debut CD (old school DM in Swedish vein) 
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MessageSubject : Brutally Deceased debut CD (old school DM in Swedish vein)   Post hour :Fri, Feb 18, 11 - 13:38

Hey all,

check out Brutally Deceased.

Cheers! m/

Here are some excerpts from reviews we got:

The songs are concentrated outbursts of energy that more than show conviction to the chosen genre and while certainly not grounbreaking "Dead Lovers' Guide" is one of those albums that hardly can be put aside as worthless and boring.
- Voices From The Darkside (

Even better for fans of the style, "Dead Lovers' Guide" is a superb tribute to the beloved works of the Swedish greats.

Refreshingly uncomplicated and delivered in such a way that it rises above mediocrity.
- Lords Of Metal (http://www.lordsofmetal)

Many new bands attempt to play ‘old-school’ Swedish Death Metal but fail miserably, however Brutally Deceased excels in this department very nicely and created 33 minutes of retro-DM that fans of the genre will love.
- Infernal Masquerade (

They have captured what was so great about the Swedish bands spawned during the late eighties, early nineties. That thick, crunchy, guitar sound, the heavy, at times almost Punk-riffing, combined with those all important mournful melodic moments, the insane drumming, the deep guttural vocal assaults, and obscure leads.
- Minacious zine (

I can clearly say this is the absolute perfect release for any Swedish death metal maniacs out there!
- Pest webzine (

It’s got just about everything you could want in a released aimed at capturing an older sound.
- Mouth For War (

The songs are lightning quick, well composed, and actually very digestible! “Blissful Desecration” is a pummeling track with soaring leads that counterpunches the best in the genre. The drums, on this track, and actually the whole album, are aggressive and played with both a confident and precise attack.
- The Metal Register (

It has all elements you'd need in an old school death metal band, it's all there and that is something that not every band can achieve.
- Tyrant Metal webzine (

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