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 Subscale - Carpe Diem Baby (a djenty cover of Metallica) 
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MessageSubject : Subscale - Carpe Diem Baby (a djenty cover of Metallica)   Post hour :Sun, Jan 9, 11 - 16:26

Yo guys and gals!

We wanted to introduce you to our new project called Subscale.
The core of the group are Mario Tomašković, Jovan Kosta Vučetić and Hrvoje Knežević.

Our first recording is a cover of Metallicas Carpe Diem Baby from the Reload album.

It has been recorded, mixed and mastered in by Subscalar Studios - our home studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

All guitar tracks recorded on a BC Rich ASM pro 6 string in C# standard via Line6 x3 pro and double tracked & reamped via GTR (waves).
Both guitar solos have been recorded on a Jeff Loomis FR also through Line6 x3 pro.

Drums were done in XLN Addictive drums (for the snare) and SSD for everything else (including the snare) by me.
Mixed and mastered in Cubase 5.

The vocals have been recorded by Karlo Horvat from Croatias band Kryn and additional vocals by Matija Auker of Kevlar Bikini.
All thanks to Karlo for being a sport and recording all the vocals in one day 500kn away from us :)

Here is the link, please comment as this is our first home recorded and mixed material

The links to myspace, facebook and more material will be online soon so keep an eye out :))

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