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 Back from Egypt 
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MessageSubject : Back from Egypt   Post hour :Wed, Dec 22, 10 - 02:02

Recently took a major excursion to the Land of the Pharaohs. and it was everything I ever dreamed it was and more. Since I was a young kid I marveled at the ingenuity, the architecture, the style and class of the Egyptians, always picking up a National Geographic or any magazine or book that I saw some Egyptian photo on the cover. I couldn't believe it so many times on this trip that I stood in person, my hand touching the walls of places I've only read and seen photo of. It was a dream come true. If you are an artist, it should be your duty to your art, to visit this country and its many incredible, awe-inspiring works of art. Aside from maybe the early Chinese and Japanese Dynasty's or maybe in Maya, there may be some parallels, but no equals to the majesty and majestic ancient beauty of Egypt.

Here some links to my Photo Albums of my trip hosted by Webshots.
Check em out!

Album I :

Album II :


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