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 The Canadian French newbie in the reviewers team... 
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Marryah Noch Foggoa
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MessageSubject : The Canadian French newbie in the reviewers team...   Post hour :Wed, Nov 17, 10 - 14:16


I'm Noch, you might know me from the underground extreme metal radio show ''C.R.O.C. Underground Metal''. I've been reviewing for a couple years, my official website ''The Daily Stab'' ( has 'round a hundred recent reviews. I cover releases for Massacre Records, Metal Blade, Moribund Cult, Napalm, Nuclear Blast, Prosthetic, Pulverised, Pure Steel, Remedy Records, ATMF, Freeman Promotions, Rise Above, and Hell's Headbangers. I've been heavily supporting and promoting the vast underground for roughly six years now. I'm a very opiniated and straight to the point being. My reputation is mostly based on my brutal honesty, my epic run-on sentences (Keith Bergman said it) and the shock value of my metaphors. I love to dissect each and every bit of a record. Geeking away about death metal, black metal, thrash metal or doom metal is one freakin' addictive hobby of mine.

For true diehards of DM, or cats that want a schooling the way it should be done, check out the archives of my old, weekly three-hour show ''The Meat Grinder'' which spans a vast catalogue of indie brutal death, technical death, and oldschool death metal bands from all over the globe. My new show covers more ground in terms of sub-genres and metal news debates, and will come back on the air in January 2011, when I'll be back from a trip to the UK that will help me decide if I'm gonna settle there over the summer and seek opportunities in the metal scene of the Dorset area.

I'm the newest addition to the MetalShip staff. I discovered this website thanks to class act Darren Cowan. S'good to be here. Looking forward to shooting the shit with fellow members of this knowledgeable community.

If you have any questions/queries, contact me via my business email at, or through MySpace (

That about covers it.

level 3daedae
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MessageSubject : Re : The Canadian French newbie in the reviewers team...   Post hour :Thu, Nov 18, 10 - 14:09

Cool, welcome! I'll check out your blog after work.

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