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 Any Canadians out there? 
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Female Join date : Aug 10, 10
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Location : Verdun, CA

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MessageSubject : Any Canadians out there?   Post hour :Wed, Aug 11, 10 - 08:49

Hey, I'm a new member (i.e. n00b). I'd like to introduce myself to make some new friends!
SO, if you're interested in getting a new friend, tell me about yourself as well.
My name is Kat, I'm 19, I love tattoos and piercings, and my all time fav. bands are Korn and Slipknot--Slipknot back when their album Iowa was released.
And tomorrow I am going to dye my hair red. I know that is of little importance to anyone but I am proud to say it. :P
I live in Quebec, but moving to Ottawa next year if my circumstances allow it.
I saw Korn at Heavy MTL in July and they were spectacular.
I also saw Rob Zombie and he was amazing.
Slayer was INSANE!
And yes that is all.
I don't know what else to include but I am willing discus almost any other personality traits and interests if asked politely.

/betrayed, I feel so, enslaved, I really tried, I did my time/
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Location : Vancouver, CA

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MessageSubject : Re : Any Canadians out there?   Post hour :Thu, Oct 21, 10 - 15:28

O_o I too am from the mighty Canuckia, where we ride ski-doo's and club baby seals for a living.
My love for all genres in Metal back s up my true passion for music and entertainment. I am hoping to soon be interviewing local and visiting Metal bands to the Vancouver area.


I hope any Vancouver members might end up bumping into me at local metal gigs.

"Oh I know I am going to Hell, I'm just working on how deep"
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MessageSubject : Re : Any Canadians out there?   Post hour :Sat, Nov 6, 10 - 12:39

I enjoyed my time in Canada... although I didn't really see any of the cities or anything, mostly just drove up and down the Rockies in Banff and Jasper. Did see a couple of guys randomly kung fu fighting in the street in Calgary... that was weird.

I've seen both Korn and Rob Zombie live... both were excellent shows. I was a little surprised by Korn actually, I only really followed them around Follow The Leader and a little bit around Issues so I figured they would play a lot of stuff I wouldn't know or care about, but it was a solid setlist with a lot of energy. (Then again, this was also in 2004... I'm sure there would be a lot more songs they'd play now that I wouldn't know.)

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