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MessageSubject : Presentation -   Post hour :Sat, May 8, 10 - 18:54

Hi everybody new here and my spelling sucks, from Sweden and didn't pay attention in the school... however love metal done it my whole life mostly death and black, play guitar been around and touring in Europe a couple of time. I'm in a new death project now so we have to see how everything works out with that.

And most of the time I'm trying to get my new web site out which is a site where I'm trying to collect most of the metal videos that is around the world.

So you are always welcome to check out the site and tell me what´s sucks!

Headbang TV! A universe of metal videos!.
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MessageSubject : Re : Presentation -   Post hour :Wed, May 26, 10 - 15:41

Hi !
How can we call you, headbang TV ? ;-)

Good to welcome the first swedish headbanger on this forum !
And nice website ! I think I saw it first when you asked for a link to it on Metalship. It's well done !
Do you automatically import the videos from Youtube, or do you add them manually, with the help of someone ?

All the best for your site and project !

level 6Darren Cowan
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MessageSubject : Re : Presentation -   Post hour :Wed, Jun 2, 10 - 14:29

That's a pretty awesome site, dude.

Posers, Walk the Plank!
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