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 show me the metal 
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42 rocker
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MessageSubject : show me the metal   Post hour :Tue, Apr 27, 10 - 14:17

42 rocker, enjoy all different kinds of metal,Otep, Lucana Coil, Nevermore,Nightwish. Enjoy the sound of a female voice with dark heavy riffs.looking forward to being introduced to many more great bands. with the help of my new friends at METALSHIP!!! Metal is way harder than rock...

level 9NanoRoux
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MessageSubject : Re : show me the metal   Post hour :Mon, May 3, 10 - 01:17

Hi 42 rocker !
Welcome to the forum.

Were are you from ? Your profile indicates Afghanistan, but I guess you just selecting the first country of the list, no ?
Concerning female voice metal, I would recommend you Theatre Of Tragedy, Leaves' Eyes, Epica, Sirenia, Tristania or Delain which are among the most famous (maybe you already know them ?)
Go check their myspace samples, in the database ;-)


Last edition on Mon, May 3, 10 at 01:18 by NanoRoux

level 3daedae
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MessageSubject : Re : show me the metal   Post hour :Thu, Nov 18, 10 - 17:47

Also The Gathering, Tapping the Vein, After Forever, ReVamp...

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