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 I2C errors when display is connected 
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MessageSubject : I2C errors when display is connected   Post hour :Wed, Jan 31, 18 - 08:48


I have recreated this with multiple PIs, displays, and devices so I can rule out individual hardware as an issue. I am finding that when I have the display and another device connected to I2C that the second device gets lots of errors (intermittent but frequent) that it cannot find the I2C device.

I've been working with Si7021 temp sensor and an Si470x radio unit. With both projects I want to be able to dim the display as well as use the extra component. With the temp sensor I have error code handling the dropouts and just skipping that read session and using the last successful value, but with the radio it means missed commands to change station or volume, missed incoming RDS data, etc. I have been able to hook up both the temperature and the radio units together and not get errors, so it is not a 2-device issue.

Is there a way to make the I2C on the display more cooperative, or is it just going to continuously cause errors?

Please help.


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