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 On the new Metal Underground 
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MessageSubject : On the new Metal Underground   Post hour :Wed, Jan 31, 18 - 08:44


For many of you, Metal is a kind of music. You listen to it, think it's cool, then go to school, or to work, and live your life like a relatively normal person, wearing band t-shirts and growing your hair long so as to define yourself as "more of a person" than the dye blonde overly made up whores that perpetuate pop culture, men and women alike. However, for a few of you, "Metal" may mean something more. It may be more of a culture, than simply a kind of music. If you are such a person, read on. Otherwise, ignore this, you won't get it, it'll just make you angry that people can base their entire lives on a kind of music.

Recent events have caused me to understand that I am doing nothing to further the cause which I espouse. Physical action is superior to pure will. One cannot will something to be done, unless one is a sorceror of some description, able to bend Reality through thought. I am no such person, nor do I entertain the belief that there are even more than ten such people in existence.

This is besides the point. I am forced to act in the outside world by a recognition of the lack of worth of my current enterprise. I am forced to find likeminded people, wherever they might be, and to bring them together. Talking about things does not get them done (this is why our concept of Democracy is ridiculous, by the way). I can sit at a computer screen, having inane arguments about Vikings and, or I can go out and find people, and make music, and do something to relieve the terrible weight that presses in on my mind, a wealth of ideas and thoughts which cannot be expressed due to a lack of destination. I must form a group of musicians, no more than fifteen or so, for the sole purpose of furthering Metal, of moving it outside of what Metal currently is.

This is not simply a retaliation against the modern excrement which passes for "metal". What there is to retaliate against is so weak and ill that the slightest push will send it spiralling into mediocrity, and it is already most of the way there. Black Metal was a retaliation against liberalism and uniformity in Death Metal, thus I will endeavor to create something which retaliates against liberalism and uniformity in Black Metal. The same values, but expressed differently, will create different, but equally good, music.

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