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 The World First and Only Heavy Metal Art Magazine 
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MessageSubject : The World First and Only Heavy Metal Art Magazine   Post hour :Wed, Jan 31, 18 - 07:41


Heavy Metal Artwork is pleased to announce the launch of the first and only heavy metal art magazine.

In just 2 weeks we have reached almost 75% of the funds. The response has been incredible and we have no doubt we will reach 100% soon.

But we are not the type of people that like to rest, so we want to push this project even further. So if you are an artist, musician, music lover, art lover or just someone that enjoys creativity you know perfectly well the hard work and dedication that this has taken.

So HELP US launch Heavy Metal Artwork print magazine.

The 666 limited edition, hand numbered and stamped magazine is still available but selling fast. Get your copy now!

We will be adding more perks soon, which will include merchandise, art prints and more.

Please help.


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Mobile app teaser video

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