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 Awake The Sun, Dark metal from Italy for fans of Katatonia, Novembre.. 
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MessageSubject : Awake The Sun, Dark metal from Italy for fans of Katatonia, Novembre..   Post hour :Tue, Feb 9, 16 - 09:44

Awake The Sun Is a project created by the founders of the Italian avant-garde metal band ENSOPH (active for more than 13 years with 4 albums released and many gigs played around Europe) and members from Alkemic Generator, Cube and Owl of Minerva.

The project blends together dark progressive metal and electronic/ambient influences with the aim to create unique misty melancholic atmospheres and to obtain a personal interpretation of the classic European Dark/Doom metal sounds.

Gloomy and technical riffs, dismal scores, unconventional rhythmic patterns enhanced by a range of melodic vocal arrangements are the trademark of the band.

The debut album of the band is titled THE BARREN SLEEP, 8 tracks of sad emotional landscapes, a journey through broken hopes and inquietudes, heavy and sharp riffs on polish rhythmical structures entwined with bittersweet melodies and haunting feels.

For fans of Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Novembre, Amorphis, Alcest, Opeth, Anathema, The Foreshadowing

Out on Febraury 2016 on SLIPTRICK RECORDS.
Available on all major digital stores and phiscal distribution.

The album has been recorded at Xanctum LAB studios in Padua by the band itself and mastered by Giuseppe Orlando & Alfonso Corace at THE OUTER SOUND STUDIOS in Rome.


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