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 'Catatonic' the upcoming new 6-track EP by INSURRECTION (death/thrash - NL) 
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MessageSubject : 'Catatonic' the upcoming new 6-track EP by INSURRECTION (death/thrash - NL)   Post hour :Mon, Dec 29, 14 - 11:41

On February 1st 2015 Holland based melodic death/thrash band INSURRECTION releases their 6-track E.P. 'Catatonic' on BIG BAD WOLF RECORDS. Take a look and listen to the NEW and official music video for 'Apotheosis'. The first released song taken off the forthcoming E.P. Let the blazing melodic death thrash of INSURRECTION kick-start your metal adrenaline!

Watch the official video of 'Apotheosis' on Youtube:

Hailing from the north of Holland and founded in 2010, INSURRECTION features Pieter Oevering (vocals/bass, ex-Corda), Marten Hutten (guitars/vocals), Armand Venema (guitars, ex-Crushing Jackhammer) and Douwe Talma (Enraged). The band already convinced a lot of people by both their shattering live performance as well as their extreme music during their first years. Mainly focusing on doing as much shows as possible and writing some good songs first, the band ended up being a finalist or winner of many local talent shows many times. Furthermore INSURRECTION shared stages with international metal icons such as Destruction, Darkane, Evergrey, Masterplan and Hypocrisy in the past couple of years.

'Catatonic' was mixed by Tjaard Walstra (Enraged, Leapers Path, Art Of Pain) at Studio Audioshape Leeuwarden. This MCD offers a bunch of melodic thrashing deathmetal tracks that will force you in keep on hitting that play button over and over again!!

'Catatonic' tracklist:
1- Armageddon (4.34)
2- Catatonic (3.57)
3- Exile (4.58 )
4- Conspiracy (4.20)
5- Apotheosis (4.23)
6- Moribund (4.53)

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