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 WINTARNAHT - althôh þiutisce heidanisc suuarz îsarn 
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MessageSubject : WINTARNAHT - althôh þiutisce heidanisc suuarz îsarn   Post hour :Sat, Jul 12, 14 - 20:42

-uuintarnaht spil althôh þiutisce heidanisc suuarz îsarn-

Wintarnaht plays Old High German Pagan Black Metal exclusively.

Wintarnaht was formed under the name Winternight in 1997 by Grimwald (vox, guitars, bass, keys etc.), 1998 Goatruler join the drums. The bandname was inspired by Falkenbachs song Winternight and the germanic feast called Winternight. In 2001 Winternight was split off and reformed in 2004.
2007 - Release of the demo (CD&Tape) "Rache...", including songs of our first period 97-01, except the rehearsal "Der Thron aus Eis" (2007).
2010 - Release of the full lenght "Pestilenz". 2012 - We renamed the band into the Old High German term Wintarnaht. Because several other bands with the same name and our new lyrical concept to use only the Old High German language in future.

For sale:

I. Wintarnaht - Tôdhên Uoþal (album), CD 2013 - jewel case, 10€.
Pagan Black Metal in Old High German language.

01. Siohhên þiufal (Sick demon)
02. Zi uualþan (To reign)
03. Bluoþ Buohha (Copper beech)
04. Sedhalgang (Sundown)
05. Tôdhên Uoþal (Moribund homeland)
06. Ânagift þer uuintar I (Outset of winter)
07. Eisenthal (Iron valley)
08. Alamana Lioþ (Alamanic song)
09. Got þer Mana Nîdh (God of misanthropy)
10. uuintarnaht (Winternight - Falkenbach Cover)
11. Âfaro Innan Nebul (Faded at the fog)

II. Wintarnaht t-shirts, style 1 black shirt & style 2 brown shirt, L-XXL, Stedman, front & backprint, apiece 12€.

Style 1

Style 2

III. Wintarnaht (as Winternight) - Pestilenz (album), CD 2010 - jewel case, 8€.
Black Metal with Pagan Metal influences.

IV. Wintarnaht (as Winternight) - Rache... (Demo), CD-R 2007 (1997-2004) - jewel case, 5€. Last copies! Also available as a split-tape with Trollzorn, 3€.
Old School Pagan Black Metal. Free download this demo on our Bandcamp page!

Hear our full albums on our Facebook and Bandcamp pages and read for more informations about Wintarnaht: (only german language)

More releases:

V. Schattenthron - Der alte Thron, siechend im Schatten (album), CD 2014, 9€.
Black Metal.

VI. Todgeweiht - Pestilenz (album), CD 2012, 7€.
Midtempo Black Metal.

VII. Chant Of Blasphemy - Godless Extermination (album), CD 2011, 10€.
Death Black Metal with Thrash influences.

Plus shipping. By order multiple articles we give a price reduction. Please write to: (please replace AET to @).

____________ (only german language)

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