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 Antillia - Russian sympho-power 
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MessageSubject : Antillia - Russian sympho-power   Post hour :Fri, Aug 23, 13 - 09:07

The team was established by musicians of Russian famous pagan metal band Butterfly Temple: guitarist-composer Valery Ostrikov and drummer Alexey Sporyshev.
Then they found vocalists Elena Belova and Alexandr Kolesov
The name "Antillia" for the band was proposed by vocalists. Firstly the band released a demo album with five songs (2010 year). Then Antillia shoot two videos for the songs Antillia and Loneliness.

With the advent of a new musicians, the band began to take on shades of symphonic power metal.

20 august Antillia has released EP "Last Starfall". This EP includes 3 tracks:
1. Shaman
2. Last starfall
3. La diosa fredda (modern opera Atylantos metal cover)

Orchestral arrangements made by Maliki Ramia (composer from Belgium)

Mixed in BlackLight studio (Kiev, Ukrain)

Now Antillia finishing new videoclip postproduction and full album recording.

The band:
Elena Belova - vocal
Alexandr Kolesov - vocal
Valery Ostrikov - guitar
Vladislav Semin - guitar
Nikita Zlobin - bass


Official website:
Facebook page:
Twitter account:

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