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 Metalship new address ! 
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MessageSubject : Metalship new address !   Post hour :Mon, Apr 1, 13 - 11:36

The whole Metalship team is proud to announce the moving out of !

After months of negociations started in July 2012, the British ship owner "UK Marine Corporation" accepted to buy the domain name "".
Not only we avoid a costly lawsuit and the shutting down of the site (for "usurpation of a domain name not related to the activity", as 'metal' is unfortunately more widely known as a shipbuilding material than a genre of music), but we also were able to obtain some financial compensation from the international group !

This important amount of money will be re-invested in special projects that we all care about**, and will also allow us to buy a new domain name.

Metalship webzine will then change its name, and will be relocated to its new address : Nü !

The site will not close, and will just change its name ! At this occasion, we will refocus on a more general and consensual appreciation of Heavy Metal and concentrate on a genre that we put aside for too long. As suggested by the new name, Nü will be more focused on Nu Metal !

We hope you are thrilled by this change as we are, and know that this will only be good for our site ! Let's meet again on the new address !

Metalship team

** the improvement of the lifestyle of our boss (me)

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