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 Brudywr has released 'A Full Stretch Of Night' 
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MessageSubject : Brudywr has released 'A Full Stretch Of Night'   Post hour :Sun, Dec 23, 12 - 11:17

The East Siberian doom black metal act Brudywr is proud to announce releasing the 4th full length album ‘A Full Stretch Of Night’. To hail the endless Night, to hail the silent Insanity and nameless horror.
The album contains 42 minutes of absolutely new stuff about Night, Madness and Dark rituals.

Track list:

1. Empty Soul
2. Mental Darkness
3. Autumnal Depression
4. Ave Luciferi
5. Call Of The Forest
6. Red Plague
7. Mother Death
8. Psalms From Hell

Everyone is welcome to listen the new album on or to get it on some the following spots:

RouteNote Direct: RouteNote
itunes store: iTunes Store

Contacts for additional info:
jamendo: Brudywr’s jamendo page
facebook: Brudywr‘s facebook page
google+: Brudywr’s Google+ page

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