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 Brudywr 'December Moon' is out 
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MessageSubject : Brudywr 'December Moon' is out   Post hour :Sun, Aug 5, 12 - 12:36

The East Siberian doom black metal act Brudywr is proud to announce releasing of their next full length album ‘December Moon’ on the NitroAttmosfericum Records dedicated to the white Silence of Winter. The album contains absolutely new stuff. Like before the main themes are Winter, Solitude and brutal traditions of ancestors.

Track list:

1. Dark Clouds Are Heralds Of A Storm
2. December Moon
3. Neutrality
4. Coven
5. Devastated Minds
6. I Hate It
7. Lost To Wander To The Void
8. Forgotten Deity
9. On A Top
10. Sad Raven
11. Waiting
12. Buried By Snow

For glory of the Frosty Winter, for glory of the all-devouring Cold, for glory of dark endless forests of inner Eurasia, for glory of the forces waiting for their hour. Odes to loneliness, praise to darkness, celebrating the severe rituals of cleansing of the light.

Contacts for additional info:
www: NitroAtmosfericum Records
facebook: Brudywr на facebook

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