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 CHAOS INCEPTION "The Abrogation" New Album (Evil Death Metal) 
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MessageSubject : CHAOS INCEPTION "The Abrogation" New Album (Evil Death Metal)   Post hour :Sat, Jun 9, 12 - 14:27

CD is out now and selling on Lavadome productions!
Officially released June 5, 2012.

The second album "The Abrogation" from CHAOS INCEPTION offers 9 tracks of technically proficient, extreme death metal onslaught of the highest caliber. The band consists of former or present members of Fleshtized, Monstrosity and Spinecast.

"The Abrogation" is a mandatory record for fans of Hate Eternal, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Nile, Origin, Behemoth, Decapitated, Nox, Rebaelliun, Hour Of Penance, Lvcifyre and the likes.

Listen to three new songs from bandcamp:

CDs are now available for 7 EUR (+postage) from Lavadome store:

Thanks in advance for your support. Spread the word, please.
Jan /Lavadome


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