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Forum rules
Sanctions, notifying

Every breach of the rules will lead to a warning. After three warnings, the account of the concerned one will be blocked and its user banished from the Forum and from Metalship.

In order to give the users a sense of responsability and to not give moderators the role of a cop, a system to report disrepectful messages has been put in place. If you think that one of the messages doesn't abide by the rules, click on the "report this message to a moderator" button . Its author will be warned (anonymously), to ask him/her to apologize and edit his/her message.

Rules in brief

Here is the summary of the general idea of the rules. To use the forum and post messages, you need to read the full rules and agree to abide with it, though.

  • Spell : no SMS style. Please respect your readers by correcly spelling your words.
  • Respect and open-mindedness : respect the other and their opinions.
  • Courtesy : don't pique others or post offensive or shocking messages.
  • Spam ads : spamming, advertising and trolling are not allowed, either on the forum or on the chat. For promoting your band, submit some news, ads or live concerts info in the appropriate sections.
  • Animated images : no animated picture as avatar or in signature (and no image in signature), to make easier the reading and surfing.
  • Public space : keep in mind that forums and chats are public. Keep your personal business as just that - personal, and solve it in private.

Full rules

The users of the forum agree not to post contents (talk, links or other information) :

• encouraging discrimination, hate of a person or a group of persons regardless their origin or belonging or not belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion.

• discriminative, xenophobic, slanderous, insulting or detracting someone's honor or reputation

• obscene, pedophilic or pornographic

• infringing others rights, not respecting registered trademarks, copyrights or other rights, threatening or detracting others goods

• encouraging to perpetrate offense, crime or terrorist activity, or praising war crimes and crimes against humanity

• enabling others to get directly or undirectly pirate softwares, softwares keys or serials, softwares enabling intrusion in informatic systems, or any other software detracting others rights or individual security and goods

• and more generally, any behavior implying the non respect of law or good manners

This list is not exhaustive.

By taking part to this forum, users accept moderators authority. Moderators can not be held responsible for others talks, but need to do whatever is necessary if asked so.